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Pictoral Account of Construction of Karakoram Highway

Here are some of the pictures taken during the construction of the road. These clearly shows the difficult and tough conditions faced by those who undertook the challange of constructing the road to roof of the world.

State of affairs before Karakoram Highway

Local trader transporting wood from adjoining valley on a narrow track constructed by FWO

Drilling in progress

Lack of equipment could not deter the determination of sappers. Pushing huge stone with their feet to clear way for track construction

Clearing rubble from newly constructed track

Brave sappers drilling holes in rocky mountain for installing explosives

Drilling holes for explosive charges

Recently constructed Karakoram Highway from other side of the river

Drilling for Pilot Cut

Carving a way out of mountains with hands and showels

Another view of the completed road

Narrow road traversing along the mountain

Jeep on recently completed Road